Hearth Pads by Hearth Classics

With stoves burning cleaner and hotter than ever before, a traditional homemade hearth may not protect the floor. Building codes and safety standards now require the hearth pad to provide adequate protection based on the stove model. Hearth Classics offers two levels of protection to meet the needs of any stove. Check your stove manual or ask your stove dealer which type is right for your stove.

Type 1 – Ember Protection
All wood, pellet, coal and corn stoves require a hearth protector. Most require only protection from falling embers. Will not stop the heat from passing through to the floor beneath your stove.

Type 2 – Thermal Protector
For today’s highly efficient stoves, a Hearth Classics non-combustible ThermaShield pad will block the heat from passing through to your floor. With an R-value of 1.61, it provides the greatest protection of any manufactured hearth pad. For stoves requiring a higher R-value, a ThermaShield Low-Profile or 6” pedestal can increase the protection to R=10.

Custom Pads & Decorative Inlays
Hearth Classics specializes in custom pads. We’ll cut a hole for your pipe, make an odd angle to fit your room, use your tile to match the rest of your house. We also offer four beautiful inlays that will draw all eyes to your stove. We can add an inlay to any tiled pad. Your options are endless.

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